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Singh Organics - Top Vermicompost Manufacturers and Eisenia Fetida Sellers. We have a vision to make India purely organic i.e. vegetables, grains, fruits etc. chemical-free by growing them organically using natural supplements.

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Eisenia Fetida

Worldwide #1 earthworm breed for producing high quality vermicompost. Start your own vermicompost unit with our free support service.


High Quality Vermicompost which is nutrient-rich organic supplement for your organic farms, home-gardens and landscapes.


Vermiwash is a storehouse of nutrients and microorganisms which you should use as a foliar spray for your plants.

Our Services

Site Planning

We will survey your site and plan your site according to the best possible use of resources and higher yield.


We provide Eisenia fetida (World's best earthworm for vermicompost) for your business from our own site.

Machines & Tools

We provide tools required in the operations and packaging of the vermicompost for your site.


We provide proper consultation from begining to the end of the process of vermicompost.

Sales Support

We are open to help you with your sale of vermicompost with the best possible sources possible.


We also provide training to the new farmers to enter into this business of vermicomposting.

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