From where to buy Eisenia Fetida earthworms online in India?

Where to Buy Eisenia Fetida earthworms Online In India?

Some of the most troubling problems on this planet are soil erosion and soil degradation. These problems can be solved by using a technique called vermicomposting, which is a process in which earthworms are used to convert animal waste, cow dung, and buffalo dung (gobar) into a form of compost with high agricultural and nutritional value.

Eisenia fetida, also known as the African nightcrawler, is a reddish-brown earthworm with a distinct spiral shape. These earthworms can be used to create organic fertilizers and soil amendments for increased fertility and reduced chemical usage. With its specific features, it can be used for various purposes like re-mineralization, composting, organic fertilizer production, and soil conditioning. It can also be cultured to increase biomass production.

If you’re searching for places from where you can buy Eisenia Fetida online then it means you’re most probably interested in starting your own vermicomposting business as this is pretty much trending in India now a days. If you have a search for Eisenia fetida earthworm, you probably want to know where you can buy them. If so, the first thing I would tell you is that they are not available from your local pet store. You will have to order them from one of the many online companies that specialize in live feeder insects and other related products. There are many websites that offer Eisenia fetida earthworms, but the most popular and trusted one is Thankfully, you’ve landed at the right place as we will tell you in detail about the factors which you need to consider before you purchase Eisenia Fetida online from any seller.

How to search where to buy Eisenia Fetida earthworm online in India?

Buy Eisenia Fetida earthworms Online

Eisenia fetida earthworm is a type of worm that is widely used in farming. It’s an Australian breed and can be bought from people who are into vermicomposting and have Eisenia Fetida in excess. You can use Google to search but you won’t get a clear picture of the purchase process, the actual price, why the variation in pricing, etc. We will cover all these points in this post in detail.

The best ways to find out where you should go

You need to know the necessary specifications for earthworms if you are looking for them online. There are many online sites that sell them, but not all of them offer the right kind. You will find that some sites only cater to the needs of certain regions or types of people. The best way to find out where to buy Eisenia Fetida earthworms is by first finding out what you want and then googling it. This is again very tricky as most people are not familiar with the intricacies of the vermicomposting business.

Places to search for locations that sell Eisenia Fetida earthworms offline

Eisenia fetida earthworms are beneficial organisms that can be used for composting and vermicomposting. They eat through the cow dung, buffalo dung (gobar) and produce nutrient-rich compost. The earthworms will also improve the soil’s ability to support plant life. You may purchase Eisenia Fetida earthworms from many different sources, but you’ll need to do some research before committing to your purchase.

How can we help you buy Eisenia Fetida earthworms online and set up your first vermicompost unit?

We at have the vision to help farmers, agritech entrepreneurs to grow organic vegetables, grains, fruits, etc. So that our Indian families get organic eatables at home and don’t face serious, long-lasting, and life-threatening diseases because of chemicals used in fertilizers. Hence we help entrepreneurs and farmers in setting up their first vermicomposting unit.

We charge them only for the Eisenia Fetida earthworms and they get consulting for the whole cycle without any additional charges. We charge flat Rs. 300 for 1 Kg of Eisenia Fetida which comes with approx 3-4 KGs of food for free. We need a minimum 750 KGs order which is ideal for starting a unit of 25 beds. We also started with the same. We have a standard process for starting up the business and then making it profitable. We also help you in marketing, in case you need our help in that area.

Why other websites are selling Eisenia Fetida online at cheap prices?

The other websites are selling it for cheap as they usually give fewer earthworms and more feed in 1 KG and they don’t provide you any consultation on the ground where we give them 1100-1200 worms per Kg and our team member visits your site and supports you in every aspect. You don’t need to pay for our team member’s food, accommodation, travel, etc. We cover all these costs. In short, we believe in delivering the best services at the most reasonable prices. We grow only when you grow!


Eisenia fetida earthworms are an important part of the soil ecosystem and can be purchased online in India from Eisenia fetida is used for composting, as well as fishing bait. They are also used to avert soil depletion. Eisenia fetida can be purchased in bulk but we don’t recommend buying much if you’re just starting as their management might be tricky for you.

Our team will help you in understanding the whole process of vermicomposting without any additional charges if you buy Eisenia Fetida earthworms online from us. Please feel free to contact us at and our team will be happy to assist you in starting this vermicomposting business!